Job Alerts and Why You Need Them

These days, we all seem to be “on-the-go”, all the time.  And with that, we demand simplicity and convenience in almost every aspect of our lives.  This includes things like shopping, banking and yes, job searching.  We need services that help us do what we do faster and better.  And, with all this in mind, we’ve designed the job alert.  It’s a no nonsense service that sends you simplified job alerts directly to your email inbox.  When receiving our job alerts, you won’t see any ads from our sponsors or any long winded prose from some self-proclaimed career expert.  What you will receive are jobs.  Jobs that are highly relevant to what you’re looking for, based on the very own keywords you submitted when signing up for the service.  For example, if you’re searching “Sales” in “Stafford, Va,” you will receive matching sales jobs that are in and within 30 miles of Stafford, Virginia.

And since we’re sending the job alerts to your email, you’ll be able to receive them virtually anywhere you go.  By the way, we’ll soon be rolling out our new mobile experience to go along with your user friendly job alerts so stay tuned for an announcement over the next couple of weeks.  Until then, keep searching and don’t forget to sign up for your new job alert today.  You can find the form below each page of our search results.  Check out the example shown below.

Sign Up for Your Job Alert Today

Search Jobs and Sign Up for Job Alerts Now!


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