Why use Job.com?

With the plethora of job boards on the Internet today, it can be challenging to know just where you should be spending your time.  Rest assured, you’re in the right place by relying on Job.com for your job search.  This week on the Job Blog, we’ll be featuring the top reasons why Job.com is your #1 place to find a job and manage your career.

Let’s start out by talking about our content.  More important than the recent improvements made to our job seeker interface, are the actual jobs on Job.com.  Did you know that we have over 1 Million searchable job opportunities?! “Where do all these jobs come from,” you ask?  Through a combination of direct employer postings and external sources such as career sites and corporate career pages, we’re building a site that provides a comprehensive job search experience so you don’t have to go anywhere else.  In fact, we’ve become the go-to job site for employers, recruiters and job boards alike!  More jobs are available on Job.com now than ever before because companies are finding talented candidates in our database every day.

Whether you’re fresh out of college, or someone with experience looking for a career change, we cover the full spectrum of jobs to help you find just the right one.  See how easy it is to search and apply to jobs by conducting a search of your own right now.  Good Luck!

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2 thoughts on “Why use Job.com?

  1. you guys maliciously entered my email with the wrong name to make it seem as if another person used my email. i responded by sending you an email stating it was the wrong email and yet you still send more. I just happened to see if this was indeed a real person and you have no information entered, not even a resume, so i know it was targeted at me. Please leave my email address alone before i report you to the bbb. there is no such person by name of zanthia oneal at this email address. please stop sending mail to my email for her.

    • Hello,

      We have taken action to research your concerns and have removed you from our subscription service. Please know that we take issues like this very seriously and that extensive measures are taken to prevent fraudulent accounts from being created on our site. We apologize for this terrible inconvenience. Job.com works with a variety of traffic partners and affiliates and there are rare instances where bad data is passed over to our database. While we have software in place to protect our website and it’s users from fraudulent activity, unfortunately, not all nefarious registrations are filtered out. Once again, we’re sorry for your poor user experience and hope that we’ve alleviated your concerns.


      The Job.com Team

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