As hiring picks up, so should your job search

The job market may still be a long way from where it was before the recession, but recent reports have optimism growing among experts and job seekers alike. U.S. employers are adding jobs at increased levels again last month according to the latest reports from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The economy is generating an average of 245,000 over the past three months, making it easier for those looking to actually land a job than it has been over the past few years.  Many employers are seeing more demand for their goods and services with the gradually strengthening economy—all signs that point towards more job creation needed to keep productivity humming along.

With each passing month bringing more encouraging job news, isn’t it time to reinvigorate your job search and start making good on that New Year’s resolution to improve your job situation? Here are some tips to get your job search back in shape:

Update your resume.  Sure, you did that back in January when you started your search.  But if your job search is slowing down, consider having a professional or a detailed friend take a second (or third) look for that extra “sizzle.”

Try integrating social—if you haven’t checked out how your social networks online can help you land a job, now is the time.  Features like the “who” button on allow you to see contacts on Facebook that may help you land a job, and help keep your resume out of the so-called “black hole.”

Check your search terms.  If you have been using the same terms and search agents to locate jobs for you, such as “customer service in Miami,” you could be missing out on opportunities that fall just outside of your standard search like “client care” or “membership representative”.  Try updating your search for expanded results.

Sign up to receive job alert emails.  Though it may be frustrating, a good job search takes a continuous effort.  One or two enthusiastic days of sending our resumes usually won’t do the trick—you have to make a commitment to dedicate time to your job search throughout the week.

More jobs are available and putting yourself out there by both applying to jobs and posting your resume, you can get back on top of your resolution and on the path to securing your dream job in no time.

If you’ve been waiting for signs of vitality to return to the job market, now is the time!

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