It’s Leap Day! 2012 gives job seekers an extra day find their dream job


Image by suendercafe

2012 is a leap year, which means today–February 29–we get one extra day added to the calendar.  Leap Day isn’t just an extra number on the calendar—it’s one more reason to make each of the 366 days of this year count, especially when it comes to job searching.

But first, a few fun facts about leap year:

  • The Earth takes approximately 365 and one quarter days to orbit the sun, so the Gregorian calendar conveniently adds an extra day every four years to keep things in line
  • The name “Leap Year” comes from the fact that we will figuratively “leap” over the date March 1 would fall on.  Since March 1 was on a Tuesday in 2011, we would expect it to land on a Wednesday this year–but today is February 29 instead!
  • Babies born on leap day are called “leaplings.”  Of course, they don’t avoid getting older just because they have 75% fewer true birthdays than the rest of us.
  • According to old Irish Legend, leap day is when women propose marriage to men, and not the other way around.  Since we’re in modern times, women can obviously propose any day of the year,  the legend still stands as a remnant of old traditions.

Fun facts aside, today is a great day to get serious about your job search. continues to make the job searching process easier, with new access to job searching on Facebook, improved search results, and even more great jobs for you to browse.

Especially in the current job market, persistence is key. Seize the leap day, and start searching jobs now!


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