It’s Leap Day! 2012 gives job seekers an extra day find their dream job


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2012 is a leap year, which means today–February 29–we get one extra day added to the calendar.  Leap Day isn’t just an extra number on the calendar—it’s one more reason to make each of the 366 days of this year count, especially when it comes to job searching.

But first, a few fun facts about leap year:

  • The Earth takes approximately 365 and one quarter days to orbit the sun, so the Gregorian calendar conveniently adds an extra day every four years to keep things in line
  • The name “Leap Year” comes from the fact that we will figuratively “leap” over the date March 1 would fall on.  Since March 1 was on a Tuesday in 2011, we would expect it to land on a Wednesday this year–but today is February 29 instead!
  • Babies born on leap day are called “leaplings.”  Of course, they don’t avoid getting older just because they have 75% fewer true birthdays than the rest of us.
  • According to old Irish Legend, leap day is when women propose marriage to men, and not the other way around.  Since we’re in modern times, women can obviously propose any day of the year,  the legend still stands as a remnant of old traditions.

Fun facts aside, today is a great day to get serious about your job search. continues to make the job searching process easier, with new access to job searching on Facebook, improved search results, and even more great jobs for you to browse.

Especially in the current job market, persistence is key. Seize the leap day, and start searching jobs now!

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Have you ever read a job description and realized “this job has my name written all over it” only to despair in the thought of your resume somehow getting lost in the so-called “resume black hole”? Have you ever wanted to explain to the employer posting the job, line-for-line, why you are the best person for the position?

With’s new partnership with Jobaline technology, now you can do just that.  Employers carefully write job descriptions with qualifications and skills that are most crucial to the position.  With new Jobaline job postings, those crucial qualifications are highlighted in yellow, and clicking directly on the qualification allows you to submit a brief description on how you meet those qualifications directly within the job posting.

This is your chance to shine—descriptions should be concise, accurate, and noteworthy! Employers may then review the submissions to decide if they would like to view your resume.

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How to Prepare for a Job Search

A job search may seem straight forward.  Start looking through postings online, ask your friends and colleagues who’s hiring, and start hitting the “submit your resume” button like crazy.  Sounds simple enough.

But job hunting, like any worthwhile endeavor, can always benefit from preparation and organization.

The video below outlines how a little planning can go a long way in helping you land the right job:

January’s over. How are your resolutions holding up?

January is already gone, but that doesn’t mean many folks have let go of their high hopes for change in the new year.  How are your resolutions working out?  How about your career resolutions?

If you began 2012 gung-ho to find a new job or improve your career situation, but have hit a roadblock or two along the way, don’t lose hope. The job market may be improving, but landing a job in any economy can be a tricky combination of timing, skills, and sometimes, a little luck. Here are a few tips to rejuvenate your job search and rekindle your enthusiasm for your 2012 resolutions:

1. Update your resume.  Yes, again. A resume is a living document meant to represent you right up to the latest second. Add any new accomplishments in the last month or so, and consider having someone new take a look at your presentation.

2. Set a “job search” schedule. Make sure you are searching and applying a few times per week to ensure you aren’t missing newly posted opportunities.  Also, double-check that you are signed up for job alert emails so you can get new jobs sent right to your inbox. Finding a job is also, well, a job!

3. Stay focused.  Know what you want, and your patience and persistence will surely pay off.  And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better, tell us.

How is your 2012 career resolution coming so far? Take our quick poll, and let us know!