Who do you know?–Job.com launches new Social Partnership

They say it’s not only what you know, but also who you know, that can help you land the perfect job.  Job.com has taken that idea to heart and partnered with “The Who” Facebook application to help job seekers leverage their social network and help them land the right job.

Think about your Facebook friends—are they old college buddies? Former co-workers? Members of your aunt’s boss’ nephew’s garage band? Now when you search job listings on job.com, you can put those seemingly scattered connections to good use. When searching for jobs,  you’ll now see a red button at the top of each job listing.  This button allows you to integrate with the network you’ve already built through Facebook to find out if people you know work for the company you’re interested in applying to.  But it doesn’t just stop with your friends.  The Who button allows you to see if you have connections to a company through friends of friends—even if that person is not friends with you—and you can send a Facebook message to your friend and ask for an introduction! It turns your social connections into an invaluable networking tool for your job hunt.

Connections can be crucial in an uncertain job market, and The Who button provides an additional resource to help you make the most of your job search. Make sure you look for The Who button next time you’re searching on Job.com!


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